By Chris Nyhuis, Vigilant CEO

A Vigilant Know More Series

Clients are consistently telling us that they are surprised by the unexpected ways Vigilant’s visibility transforms their companies and solves problems.

I imagine that most experiences with security companies is that they plug in a system that offers, well… security and little else.

Vigilant tries to think differently about our partnership with our clients. We try to think of them as a whole company, a company that we are vested in and we want them to succeed. Why? Because we are their partner.

Let me put a finer point on it…

Vigilant was approached by a defense contractor who needed to get compliant (at the time NIST 801-171, but now would be CMMC). They had seven months to complete the process. After assessing the project (apart from Vigilant), it was determined that compliance would take 18 months, and bring a 2.5 million dollar price tag. YIKES!

They came to Vigilant because they were understandably overwhelmed by this massive and urgent project. What this contractor didn’t realize is that Vigilant thinks of our security and visibility in multi-dimensional ways. When security is done the Vigilant way, the results actually EXCEED most compliance requirements.

So the Vigilant collaborative team of sentinels and hunters rolled up our sleeves and went to work: total real-time visibility from within and without their environments, protection assessments, log analysis, capture analysis, firewall management, detection and response, network access controls, endpoint management and so on. We loaded all that into our CyberDNA® Command and Control Center, empowering the contractor to track and participate in all we were doing.

And after our 7 Day Audit and VigilantMDR service integration, compliance was set in motion. Within two weeks, 92% of their security compliance was complete and a plan was in place to close the last 8%. All of this was completed with the network and endpoint components of MDR, which amounted to 1/37th the price tag (which had been quoted elsewhere for just the compliance attestation) and this company got our entire ongoing service for that price.

This is what partnership looks like. We take your problems personally. We roll up our sleeves and get to solving it.


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