Providing the Most Actionable Insights

In 2021, LinkedIn revealed that 700 million profiles had been exposed in a data scraping breach. Cloud security breaches have surpassed on-site breaches for the first time.

Cloud-based computing offers efficiencies and possibilities for companies and networks, both private and public. Additionally, the post-COVID world has only accelerated this migration. Whether cloud based, cloud-hybrid, multi cloud or cloud on-boarding, this ever-evolving reliance on the cloud brings security risks along with innovations.

The past few years have rapidly accelerated demand for cloud-based architectures. It is impossible for most organizations to maintain the pace of innovation in cloud-centric security while constantly and confidently monitoring workflow across all its data centers, cloud applications and remote work stations.

As of 2021, the cloud is where most malicious activity is being attempted. The cloud is a massive off-site storage bank of seemingly everybody’s most precious data. Vigilant’s ongoing process of assessment provides the most actionable insights into any departures from or misconfigurations of recommended cloud architecture. Vigilant365™ is a “built from the ground up” technology, coupled with our state-of the-art MEDR cloud monitoring, which allows us to ingest the largest data lake into the Vigilant analysis environment. It is a real-time, across-the-board cloud supervisory service, made collaborative through our CyberDNA® Command and Control Center.

From day one, as a part of Vigilant’s MDR service, you will acquire on-going diagnosis of your cloud vulnerabilities from commonly-hacked configurations, unstable permissions and/or logging structures that allow threat activities to hide.

Case Study


A client partnered with Vigilant to monitor and secure all of their 287 login accounts using our Vigilant365™ service. It turned out there were 750 accounts, not 287. Where did these almost 500 unaccounted for logins come from?

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