Our Approach is Surgically Designed

Compliance exists for the protection of your company as well as the protection of the broader industry you represent, from national defense, to government contracting or financial services. Whether it is CMMC, NIST or DFARS etc., compliance is also about paperwork, assessments, supportive frameworks and ongoing education.

Contractors do important work and deserve a frictionless framework to bid, win and service contracts that give them time back. Each level of compliance requires a host of demonstrable acts and services from enhanced endpoint security to comprehensive MDR services.

Bid – Win – Service contracts. These activities are the lifeblood for compliance regulated contractors. Creating next-generation technologies and providing irreplaceable services are why they exist, and how they keep the work flowing.

Compliance attestation is required for work to continue. Too many companies do not have the time, expertise, or energy to focus on security compliance requirements. From Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certificating (CMMC), and National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) or others, contractors need support to understand the exact level of security requirements and the implementation of the hundreds of items their specific compliance demands.

Our approach is surgically designed: between MDR, Unlimited Breach Response services, penetration testing, MVDR services, adversary emulation, etc. We already cover the vast majority of that compliance framework. What are your needs? We identify each requirement of your compliance framework (there can be hundreds). We guide and consult. And we pair up and map out where Vigilant services address compliance categories to keep you working: Bid – Win - Service.

Case Study


When security is done the Vigilant way it is done well – by not only protecting your company from breaches – but also supporting efficiency in other essential and money saving ways inside your organization. During a Vigilant Security Business Review (SBR), a component of our MDR Service contract, we asked a client with government contracts, “Are there any challenges your company is facing, security, or non-security related?”

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