What is CyberDNA?

Vigilant's managed security service, CyberDNA, takes a different approach to monitoring your company infrastructure through a proprietary, distributed network of passive network security sensors that we guarantee can show more about your existing attacks and vulnerabilities than any other product on the market.

Patent-Pending, Cutting Edge Technology

Our sensors capture your network traffic in near real time and then our team of expert security analysts verify every log and connection so that you don't have to. We bring affordable full packet capture and heuristic network security to your enterprise in new and exciting ways.

  • Detect active attacks such as crypto locker as they pass over the wire. Pinpointing problem spots before they spread.
  • View the software running on your network and answer the question, "Can that system be trusted to run that software?"
  • See bandwidth usage, explicit material and website monitoring all in real time.

Personalized Protection

We partner with you to baseline YOUR network and detect anomalies specific to your environment. We learn your industry, customers and goals so that we can develop a personal threat landscape and then determine what the attacker profile for your organization would be. This allows us to adapt and provide unmatched, real-time, personal detection of true risks in your infrastructure.

The Problem With Traditional Protection

Signature based and general scanning now only work about 50% of the time and firewalls no longer protect because attacks are no longer just coming through your outer perimeter.

For instance, attacks may come through:
  • the laptop your accounting department took to a lunch meeting.
  • or a cell phone that got infected through a misguided email.

The Solution?

The solution is to listen for what has already made its way inside. The CyberDNA platform looks deep into the packets moving across your network to provide a state of the art system for deciding what should and shouldn't be there with unprecedented precision.

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Frequent Questions

Vigilant does not release the names of it’s customers, we do this to keep attackers on their toes and protect our customers by not revealing their security defense information. Our customers are more valuable to us than using them as a marketing ploy. What we can tell you is that Vigilant currently serves customers in the Healthcare, Financial, Pharma, Food Distribution, Manufacturing, Automotive Technology and Film Production industry.
We do have some customers that have come forward and informed us that they would be willing to be references as long as we have an NDA between us and the requesting company.
Your Private data stays on the sensor at your location and does not leave your site. The only information that is sent to Vigilant is log information and is sent though 2048 bit encrypted tunnels. In the event that we need to do an investigation we may request that we pull recorded network traffic (pcap) in order to fulfill an investigation however this does not send automatically and pcap is destroyed post investigation.
Log and connection information is sent to our servers outbound from your location, we do not need inbound connections to your location. We have built this architecture to not require additional ports to be open at your site potentially allowing an attacker in.
Vigilant hosts Vigilant servers and infrastructure assets in a SSAE 16 Type II SOC 1 classified colocation facility. No CyberDNA services are located on third party equipment such as cloud, or other hosted solutions. In short, your log information comes to us and no one else.
Vigilant is headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio
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