Managed Endpoint Protection

Threat Protection

Ensures our team can protect your endpoints from threats such as malware and hostile sites on the internet.

  • Management Agent
  • Managed Threat Prevention
  • Managed Endpoint Firewall
  • Managed Endpoint Web Control
  • Managed Adaptive Threat Protection with Dynamic Application Containment (DAC) & Real Protect
  • Service Coverage 24x7

All features fully managed by Vigilant and used for responding to threats.

Active Response

Ensures our Hunt Team can perform proactive hunting across your endpoints.

  • Real-Time Network Flows
  • Historical Network Flow-Cache
  • Interactive Sessions, Network Sessions and Open File Shares
  • Processes & Parent Relationships
  • Windows Services & Registry Data
  • Startup and Scheduled Tasks Info
  • File System Attributes
  • IP Addresses, DNS Cache, and Host Name(s) of Managed Endpoints
  • Local User & Group Information
  • System, Env Variables, Disk and Partition Information
  • Installed Updates, Hot Fixes, Security Updates, and Certificates
  • USB Connected Storage Devices

Data Protection

Ensures our team can protect data regardless of how the data is used, located, stored, or accessed.

  • Transparent Encryption
  • Prevents Exposure of Sensitive Data
  • Strong Access Control
  • Two and Three-Factor, Pre-Boot Authentication
  • Control Removable Media
  • Control External Storage Devices
  • Control Peripherals
  • Laptops and Desktop Computers

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