Win the Practice Field, Win on Gameday

When it comes to cyber security, we exist in an ever-evolving threat landscape. The wise decision-makers in your company recognize the need for state-of-the-art cyber protection, but are unsure about how to find the expertise, time, resources, tradecraft and focus that will mature the entire organization into a modern cyber fortress.

Most people find Security Maturity boring. It is about consistency, responsibility, and intelligence. Your cyber defense should never resemble a young teenager, running from crisis to crisis. Maturity cannot be static, it must be comprehensive and evolving. Our cybersecurity collaboration is no white-gloved butler. Instead, we provide a whole team of hunters and watchmen. Vigilant is your co-vested partner: providing advanced threat assessment, evolving vulnerability detection and Team Centered Support

Security Maturity is about what happens on gameday, it’s also about what happens on the practice field. If you win the practice field, you will also secure victory when the game is on the line. Vigilant’s never-ceasing maturing partnership takes all of your systems through the practice field drills. We help you identify exactly what kind of shape your team and game-plan is in.

The five theaters of cyber war are detection, threat intelligence, response, prevention, and compliance. Vigilant will guide you through all five and provide a plan to secure the high ground. Your organization will receive a state-of-the-art picture of how prepared you are to meet the highest priority threats based on: your exposure, your industry and global trends. Vigilant will also put policy and procedures in place across your organization to provide business continuity and disaster recovery. We Never Quit. We Fight to Defend.



With Vigilant, you are not paying for a security tool, you are paying for our integrated solutions-driven SERVICE. Because of this you will not be contractually attached to an outdated tool tech. Vigilant has the ability and purpose to keep only the right tools in your security belt. Threats are ever-evolving and you need a service partner that is able to evolve just as quickly. We are tool agnostic so we can be client specific.

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