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Right now, someone is likely plotting against your company

Cyber attacks are a top risk to global stability, with the number of malicious attacks rising.


Threats per minute in Q1, 2020

$5.5 M

Average total cost of a breach at enterprises with > 25,000 employees compared to $2.64 million for organizations < 500 employees

$1 T

Spent on security in 2019

Despite increased spending on security, the average malicious data breach lifecycle has increased to 315 days in 2020. Is your organization prepared?

Hacker groups today are sophisticated organizations that successfully breach advanced security systems. They hold entities ransom, steal data and publicly disseminate sensitive information, ruining businesses and threatening society.

These threat actors need to be stopped, but how? Trendy tech and massive security spending isn’t working. Is there a better way?

We believe there is. At Vigilant, our proprietary blend of team + technology defeats adversaries by outmaneuvering them and staying one step ahead. That’s how, on our watch, no Vigilant customer has ever suffered data loss or been shut down.

That’s being Vigilant.

Human intelligence + prevention & detection technology at every layer = confident security.

Threat actors today have virtually unlimited places to hide in modern, complex infrastructures. They lie in wait for vulnerabilities, which occur each time data is transmitted and received throughout the seven layers of data communication. With an industry average time to detection of 315 days for a malicious attack, it’s no wonder breaches are prevalent.

Vigilant CyberDNA® and Managed Endpoint Protection (MEP) services penetrate all seven communication layers. They detect threats within minutes to hours and provide full containment inside of 24 hours. That’s 99.997% faster than the industry average.


  1. Physical
  2. Data link
  3. Network
  4. Transport
  1. Session
  2. Presentation
  3. Application

Fortify your endpoints with Vigilant MEP services.

With most EDR solutions, threats from non-malware systems don’t show up on the radar. That’s where our solution shines. Vigilant Managed Endpoint Protection (MEP) is 99.98% effective in finding the most advanced attackers with zero false positives. With detection across all endpoints, and an experienced security team managing and customizing your support, MEP is your most powerful frontline defense.

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  1. Physical
  2. Data link
  3. Network
  4. Transport

Deploy CyberDNA® to detect threats that penetrate your network defenses.

Vigilant’s patented technology deploys undetectable, network security sensors to identify threats that have bypassed your preventative controls. Our world-class hunt team investigates deep inside the packets moving across your network communication layers, detects when something’s not right and swiftly acts to help you eradicate the threat.

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Think critically, anticipate threats, make right decisions and avoid the BANG


The more you know about yourself and your enemy, (where threats are and are not), the more secure you can be. Vigilant CyberDNA® sensors and Managed Endpoint Protection (MEP) acquire vast amounts of data for a complete visualization of your network and where vulnerabilities lie. This is the first, critical step to confident security.


Next, our team of expert data analysts look uniquely at your organization’s situation, eliminating bias that often causes mistakes. Orienting is about verifying collected data and information and looking for things you missed. This is an important step that’s often overlooked but leads to making the right decisions.


Good decisions, that are tested, win the game. We go beyond simply alerting you. We provide specific, surgical recommended courses of action. Then, we help you test those decisions so you know you’ve made the right one. There’s no guesswork in confident security.

4. ACT

When compared to the 315-day industry average breach lifecycle for a malicious attack, Vigilant removes threats 99.997% faster. After rapid containment, we still don’t stop. The team cycles back to the first step of Observing to verify the target is down.

“I can sleep at night knowing I’m not going to have my data breached.”

Client in the healthcare industry, 2019


connections investigated every day


threats identified and verified every day


false positives


leading financial services firms trust Vigilant


global healthcare organizations rely on Vigilant


top manufacturing companies depend on us

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Experience what it’s like to be a Vigilant customer by receiving our industry-leading Vigilant Security Threat Audit.

After 7 days you’ll receive:

  1. A full forensic investigation of one corporate site and up to 12 endpoints. We’ll show you if you have active threats in your environment.
  2. 7 day access to your 24x7 audit and security data via Vigilant’s Customer Portal. You’ll see in real-time what’s happening in your environment.
  3. A Security Threat Audit report detailing your vulnerabilities and how to fix them. You’ll receive prioritized steps to take to eliminate threats and proactively protect yourself.

“Vigilant’s free security threat audit was beyond impressive and delivered tremendous value. I took the results of Vigilant’s full forensic analysis, that went way beyond a typical and costly vulnerability scan, to my Chief Legal Officer and he was blown away. He said to sign Vigilant on the spot. From that point, the implementation was beyond effortless and smooth, and the team became a true extension of my own.”

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