Be the First to Discover Any Weakness

An organization’s structure can resemble that of a museum, with new exhibits and additional sections added over time. Each wing of an organization has its own entrances, exits and thus security vulnerabilities. And like a museum, an organization’s attack surface is a public space, open for others to explore and test.

Each of those potential security vulnerabilities not only needs to be checked by someone who knows the landscape, but re-checked to make sure that the entire attack surface is secure.

In the dark world of bad cyber actors, be they nation states or independent criminal networks, there are user handbooks on common defenses and thus vulnerabilities for companies like yours: Exploit Kits, Malware Kits, etc. Vigilant has those handbooks too, but we use them to protect and defend.

Vigilant Managed Vulnerability Detection and Response exists to use those handbooks – alongside our tradecraft and expertise – to reduce an organization’s attack surface: from patched vulnerabilities, password management, and open text passwords, to two and multi-step authentications. We map all vulnerabilities, rank them, create a game plan, patch, and remediate and then we test and retest, after having ingested any new knowledge about a company’s attack surface.

Additionally, we have benevolent hackers (Penetration Testers) on our team. And they are as shrewd and cunning as any bad actor, but their valiant mission is to be the first to discover any weakness, so we can patch and protect.

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