Making You Just as Cunning as the Enemy

When enemy forces want to win, what do they do? They break the rules of warfare. They ignore the Geneva Convention, put civilians in harm’s way, or use chemical/biological weapons. In other words, they cheat.

It is the same with threat actors in the cyber world. They can buy every “off the shelf” cybersecurity tool, put it inside their lab and test it to find ways to cheat (by the way, this is one reason that Vigilant’s tech is proprietary, protected and why we never reveal the names of our clients.) These cyber terrorists are ruthless and are always inventing new ways to harm you, your customers, and your treasures. They rarely hit you head on. They sneak in the shadows and do their damage before you even know it.

In the art of cyber war, Vigilant assists companies to be just as ruthless and just as cunning as the enemy. Within our collaborative cybersecurity environment, we too are testing all the tools and evolving our techniques, tactics, and procedures with and for our clients.

Security is warfare, but it is also a race. And in any race you are either ahead of the competition or you are falling behind. This is why we are always ingesting the most data. It is why we don’t just analyze; we hunt for attempted intrusions. And it is why we do all of this within our collaborative framework, customized for each of our client partners.

Threat attempts? Vigilant can see it as it happens – not after. Not in a log – but in real-time. We have full aperture visibility through proprietary sensors inside your systems and omnidirectional visibility all around your system. That tsunami of data is brought into our Adaptive Intelligence Process, allowing full capture analysis, in-process threat identification, verification as “true positive” and valuation of significance. We collaborate with your team, fully weaponized to assist your remediation, providing Attack Surface Resilience. We then scrub and restore whatever damage was attempted, flag potential remnants and continue our 24/7 watch.


First to Detect but Never Publicize

Microsoft had a vulnerability in Microsoft Exchange that allowed threat actors to gain access to the run commands inside the Exchange servers themselves. The vulnerability had been there for years. Because Vigilant is a company fueled by human intelligence (just like the adversaries) and ever-adaptive automated intelligence, we saw this attack pattern very early on, before Microsoft’s announcement.

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