With Vigilant Managed Detection and Response the operative word is “managed,” meaning that our advanced technologies are always backed by battle-tested human intelligence. We are so confident in our approach to VigilantMDR services that we back them with our Unlimited Breach Response warranty.

become attack resilient

VigilantMDR ingests live data across your integration points including - network, endpoints and email.

This industry-leading wealth of data enters our Adaptive Intelligence Process™ to detect, analyze and provide intel to you and your team. Through this collaborative process we confirm threats faster and pivot quickly to an Attack Impact Resiliance™ stance, providing guided response and confirmed remediation.

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Vigilant Managed Network Detection and Response is a patented and fully managed service that includes the tech, the experts and the process to keep your network safe by finding attackers in your environment where they would otherwise avoid detection.

By placing invisible sensors inside your network, Vigilant is able to collect trustworthy and uncompromised source data and, as a result, threats are identified exponentially faster and eliminated before any data is compromised.

Our advanced sensor technology works in tandem with a 24/7 network of cyber security experts to deliver the intelligence you need to detect and eliminate threats before they infiltrate your infrastructure.

Vigilant Managed Endpoint Detection and Response protects your assets in the cloud, at home, on-prem and everywhere in between. It sets a new standard in stopping breaches with unparalleled real-time and historical visibility across endpoint events and activities.

Through our unique combination of market leading technology and Vigilant SOC processes, VigilantMEDR offers a strong, intelligent, and complete approach to endpoint security, so you can protect your systems and simplify your environment without the need of multiple vendors or point products. All of these activities are made possible by the collaborative cybersecurity framework in which we work shoulder-to-shoulder with your team.

Vigilant365™ cuts through the extraneous information provided by traditional Microsoft 365 monitoring solutions and intelligently alerts you to potential account takeovers. Vigilant365™ helps you monitor, aggregate and analyze key information indicating potential threat activity across your Microsoft 365 environment.

Vigilant365™ is different than a spam filter. It intelligently alerts on potential email compromise and account takeover. By adding another layer of detection beyond network and endpoint, Vigilant365™ monitors threat activity at the account level to help you guard against the data and revenue loss that malicious attacks can cause.