Vigilant Tablet

The CyberDNA® Command and Control Center never sleeps. It is available to you 24/7/365 and the Vigilant team is always on the watch. Vigilant is constantly collecting, analyzing and presenting the largest collated data lake (individual, industry-wide and international trends), detecting threats in their infancy and vetting those threats with our adaptive intelligence process. Includes automated, artificial and human interpretative skills.

Vigilant’s visibility sensors spread throughout your network to unify your security across on-prem, cloud and remote environments. Through the CyberDNA® Command and Control Center, clients can witness, in real-time, the matrix of accumulated intelligence across dozens of control center screens, as full participants.


  • Continuously Monitor
  • Manage Sensitive Workflow
  • Access Granular Insights
  • Unlimited Breach Response
  • Full-Packet Capture
  • Advanced Threat Detection
  • Vulnerability Assessment Reports
  • Audit Logins
  • Access to the Largest Data Lake
  • Supervise BYODs
  • Assess Vulnerability Posture
  • Advanced Threat Detection
  • Two-Way Ticketing


  • Collaborative Security
  • Improved Decision Making
  • Achieve and Maintain Compliance
  • Faster Vulnerability Assessment
  • Eliminate Production Friction
  • Gain Visibility into Containers
  • Discover Abandoned Accounts
  • Accelerate Investigations


An environment designed to optimize Vigilant’s organizational and technical attributes and processes.
The Center employs human, AI and information resources to accomplish our mission of detecting, vetting and preventing threats.


Participate in Command Processes

Vigilant’s unique collaborative command service is achieved through the CyberDNA® experience. Detect together, protect together.

Observe Unusual Activity and Act

From bandwidth spikes to remote login attempts, you will observe real-time discrepancies and collaborative solutions.

Customize Detections

Every industry is unique and every company within them is unique. The CyberDNA® Command Center guides and provides tailored sensoring to specific needs.

“Red Phone” Access

CyberDNA® provides tailored two-way ticketing and direct access to our hunt team provides “red phone” access to Vigilant’s full-team service and deployment.

Spending Time on The Right Stuff

The CyberDNA® Command Center provides maximum, constant visibility as it simultaneously protects each client’s time and focus by vetting and eliminating false-positive alerts – setting our sights on the right priorities.

Evolving into Super-CyberDNA

Collaborative command means that CyberDNA® is constantly iterating based upon clients’ expressed needs. So you can expect constantly updated features.

Vigilant Tablet


Fully Capture Your Data

Beyond log files that can be corrupted in process, CyberDNA® reports raw data as well as data analysis to represent the lifecycle of threat activity.

Global Oversight

With a click your team will observe global activity on and against your system and not junk-data. Vigilant is constantly reporting based on contemporary trends.

Bandwidth Management

From system deficiencies to streaming media overuse, CyberDNA® provides the what, when, where and how that inform the necessary remedy.

Observe Data Transmission

From attachments, to financial files and client data around or beyond your environment, CyberDNA® provides visibility and containment.

Preventative Security

In addition to the constant visibility, CyberDNA® also regularly reports on patterns and trends to provide and ensure preventative health throughout the entire system.

Maximize Firewalls

Atomic indicators reveal when firewall changes need to be made, from IP restriction to Geo-Blocking.


Securing On-Prem, Cloud and Remote Environments

Security Coverage Across Cloud Providers and Source integrations
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