You Need a Partner to See the Clues

What we are talking about is basic, fundamental, every day, necessary-for-business electronic communication. In other words: Email. In 2019, Adobe reported that white-collar employees spend 352 minutes a day on email and every communication is a potential compromise.

All of that activity requires sophisticated technology with a breadth and depth of tools, as well as a 24/7/365 security presence. But even that is not enough. Account takeovers are often a slow, patient, and methodical process. For full protection, you need a partner who can see the clues of potential takeover in their infant stages.

The tactics, techniques and procedures of threat actors are tried and true and it is a volume business. They gain access to an email account through phishing or social engineering (often utilizing a malicious attachment or URL).

Once full access is obtained, the threat actor can see the account and change the account’s rules (often put in place for security): turn off spam filters, disable or change anti-forwarding parameters or turn off GeoIP blockers. And once those rules are changed, your attacker can request and move unencumbered: financial documents, invoices, HR documents or sensitive IP information.

Vigilant365™ is a “built from the ground up” technology and service like no other on the market. It is a real-time, across the board email supervisory service that cuts through the extraneous information provided by traditional Microsoft 365 monitoring solutions by intelligently alerting you to potential account takeovers. The V365 early warning technology also witnesses potential takeovers in their infancy, so it can predict next steps and guide remediation before the damage is done. It also goes deeper into the entire account takeover scenario, mapping the attacker, marking their strategy and their identity with an eye toward future attack prevention. Vigilant365™ = Watching, Detecting, and Alerting.



A client contracted with Vigilant to secure and protect their environments. the contract included monitoring and securing each of their 287 login accounts, using our Vigilant365™ service, which involves password security, login locations, user activity, etc., with immediate, real-time visibility inside the CyberDNA® Command and Control Center, allowing the client to monitor and collaborate in everything we were seeing.

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