Fast Remediation


A large manufacturing company with 6 sizable industrial locations was responsible for manufacturing, packaging, and transporting significant materials of which many massive construction operations relied upon every day.

They were in constant risk of falling behind. Every single day, around a certain timeframe, their bandwidth would slow to a crawl at all six locations. The problem had persisted for some time and with all the IT Ops turnover, they felt like they were reinventing the wheel. This systemic vulnerability was putting their reputation and future in real jeopardy.

Vigilant was brought on-board and we plugged in our Network Detection Sensors. We did a full diagnostic of all systems, technologies, and software. We immediately detected a major file transfer, routing all traffic from remote sites into this central organization hub and out to the internet. Every day! We discovered it was an old version of Symantec Backup that wasn’t really interacting with anything else, but it was a major drag on bandwidth and consequently, production.

What they thought impossible to find, we identified in less than a day. They didn’t even have the logins anymore, but we identified the IPS, helped them track it down and turn it off. Just like that, their “impossible” problem was solved.

No one knew it was there. It was a legacy system no one had interacted with for years (because it was installed by IT staff several generations before). An example of the Legacy-Communication Gap. They may have never found it if it hadn’t been for Vigilant’s omnidirectional visibility throughout their systems (new and legacy).

We determined that this particular company, at this particular time, would be better protected by a different endpoint tool. AND since this client was with VIGILANT and the contract was with our service, NOT the tools, we were able to switch them over, and quickly integrate their entire network into the new tool.

This wasn’t a security breach. This wasn’t a cyberattack. It was a hidden and forgotten system that was destroying production efficiency. But when you partner with the best visibility team across any industry, there are many ways beyond security where we can help.