When you enter into a partnership with Vigilant, you are signing onto our ever-present SERVICE. You are NOT committing to security tools contracts. Why is this important? 1) Because your company is always evolving, 2) Tools become less effective with time, 3) New tools are always being developed and 4) New threat strategies are always being created. Your security needs to be nimble.

Because Vigilant is client focused and service obsessed, we are always looking for ways to improve your security. And this is part of our approach--to remain tool agnostic so we can be client specific. This approach is possible because we are monitoring your data 24/7/365. Here's an example:



Vigilant enables our clients to be agile by protecting them from prolonged commitments to tools. A major retailer client recently reached out to us with regard to their Endpoint Security solutions. They had been using an endpoint tool that was used by 86% or the Fortune 100 and had worked reasonably well. But we had questions, so we looked deep into their system and performed a fresh security analysis, specifically looking at effectiveness today, not a few years ago when this endpoint tool had been integrated. This major retailer had significantly grown its footprint to over 100 stores since it’s original endpoint tool. We looked at their specific POS systems, case studies on their environments’ current uses and re-reassessed their evolving threat landscape (in harmony with our constant detect, assess, and present process of service).



We determined that the client would be much better protected today by a different endpoint tool. And since this client was with VIGILANT and the contract was with our service, (and not the tools), we were able to switch them over, and quickly integrate their entire network into the new tool to meet their present-day needs. This is an example of one of Vigilant’s superpowers: keeping clients nimble. It is alarming to think how many companies are locked into less effective or even outdated tools.

Security research firms like Forrester and Gartner, make powerful assessments about the current state of the global threat landscape and the solutions therein. However, that research is generalized and not client-specific. For example, our healthcare clients have different needs than retail – just as defense clients will have needs that differ from manufacturing or financial services. In this security environment, the ability to remain nimble and agile for and with our clients is critical.